Bank Failure And Economic Development In Nigeria

(A Case Study Of Nigeria Critical Appraisal)

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This study is not antagonistic to any other rather if is complimentary. Other works has been use and are duly appreciated. But everything is with intent to find a lasting solution to the issue bank failure.
The study was based upon data collected through information sifted formbooks general annual report and periodicals. All the relevant data obtained were analyzed generally and are used to deduce the findings. The author started by presenting the proposal.
The chapter one of the study has to do with the background of the study, statement of the study, objective of the study, significance of the study, limitation of the study and definition of terms.
Chapter two is the literature review of the genesis of banking in Nigeria, function of banking, similarities and differences among the banks, role of bank in the economic development, the Nigerian banking climate, problem faced by banks, the concept of bank failure, indices of bank failure and the effect of bank failure.
Chapter three was research methodology, which lead into sampling techniques, data collection and method of data analysis.
Chapter is based on finding that results into general discussion.
Chapter is the recommendation and the conclusion.
Table of Content
Title Page
Aproval Page.
Table Of Content

Chapter One:
1.1 The Background Of The Study

1.2 Statement Of Problems
1.3 Objective Of Study
1.4 Significance Of Study
1.5 Limitation Of Study
1.6 Definition Of Terms

Chapter Two:
2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Genesis Of Banking In Nigeria
2.2 Type Of Banking In Nigeria
2.3 Functions Of Banking
2.4 Similarities And Differences Among Banks
2.5 Role Of Bank In The Economic Development
2.6 The Nigeria Banking Climate
2.7 Problems Faced By Banks
2.8 The Concept Of Banking Failure
2.9 Causes Of Banking Failure
2.10 Indices Of Banking Failure
2.11 Effect Of Bank Failure

Chater Three:
3.1 Research Methodology

3.2 Sapling Techniques
3.3 Data Collection
3.4 Source Of Secondary Data
3.5 Method Of Analysis

Chapter Four:
4.0 Findings

4.1 General Discussion

Chapter Five:
5.0 Recommendation And Conclusion

5.1 Recommendation
5.2 Conclusion

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